Open Internet Disclosure

To comply with the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") and its Restoring Internet Freedom Order, Ridgetop Networks, LLC ("Ridgetop") is providing this transparency statement. It is intended to inform subscribers of what to expect when using service provided by Ridgetop.

Network Management Practices

  • Blocking. Delinquent accounts are subject to partially or completely blocked Internet access. Ridgetop does not block accounts in good standing, excepting access to illegal content, or Application-Specific Behavior described below.
  • Throttling. Due to interference, terrain, foliage, or other factors, Ridgetop may not be able to provide the full advertised speed to certain subscribers. Ridgetop may reduce a subscriber's provisioned speed, in order for the affected subscriber to receive a consistent experience, and/or to reduce negative impacts on other subscribers.
    In this event, Ridgetop will notify the affected subscriber of their newly provisioned account speed. Subscribers will always be notified of reductions in provisioned speed, but may or may not be notified of increases in provisioned speed.
  • Affiliated Prioritization. Ridgetop does not implement Affiliated Prioritization.
  • Paid Prioritization. Ridgetop does not implement Paid Prioritization.
  • Congestion Management. Ridgetop does not implement programattic Congestion Management.
  • Application-Specific Behavior. To protect subscribers from exploitation, Ridgetop may block or restrict subscribers' incoming traffic to ports 25 and 80, and NetBIOS services. Subscribers may request to have this block removed, subject to a security audit by Ridgetop to ensure responsible use of these ports.
    To facilitate management of Ridgetop's network, Ridgetop may also block subscribers' incoming traffic on a few undisclosed ports. Blocking of these ports is not known to negatively impact any common Internet traffic; subscribers may request a complete list of blocked ports.
  • Device Attachment Rules. Ridgetop allows subscribers to use the router of their choice, but it must have an Ethernet WAN port and support both PPPoE and DHCP for the WAN connection.
  • Security. External hosts conducting port scans or probing commonly-exploited ports on an Ridgetop IP address (for internal services, or in use by a Ridgetop subscriber) may have all incoming traffic blocked temporarily. Subscribers being negatively affected by this automatic intrusion prevention may request an exemption from this protection, which may be provided at Ridgetop's sole discretion.

Performance Characteristics

  • Service Description. Ridgetop provides terrestrial, fixed-wireless service, received with an outdoor antenna. Ridgetop's website advertises "baseline" plans and their capabilities. In some areas, Ridgetop's service offerings may differ from the advertised plans. Preceeding and/or during installation, Ridgetop will clearly inform a subscriber of any variation from the advertised plan they may encounter.
  • Impact of Non-Broadband Internet Access Service Data Services. Ridgetop does not offer Non-BIAS services.

Commercial Terms

  • Price. Pricing is clearly advertised at Advertised plans are considered "baseline" plans, and represents what is available in most of Ridgetop's coverage area. Different plans may be available in some locations. Contact Ridgetop by phone or email to find out what services are available at a specific location.
  • Privacy Policies. Ridgetop does not intercept, retain or share subscribers' traffic content, except where required by law. Ridgetop may view TCP/IP connection data in order to assist subscribers with problems, and for network management purposes. Ridgetop does not retain connection data as a practice, and does not share this data.
    Ridgetop retains subscriber usage data and other network equipment metrics, for the purpose of network management and improving service quality. Ridgetop does not share this data.
  • Redress Options. Complaints are handled by Ridgetop on a case-by-case basis, and should be submitted via email to, or by postal mail to:
    Ridgetop Networks
    P.O. Box 204
    Mansfield, MO 65704